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Universal Carbon Effect Air Filter

These Universal air filters are brand new, cone air filters, with rubber ring fitting and large adjustable jubilee clip to secure tightly onto your vehicle pipe.

Unlike many other universal air filters, which come with 'reducer rings' to fit a few set sizes, ours uses a strong metal jubilee clip, adjustable with just a flathead screwdriver, meaning that you can adjust from 76mm to almost any size (up to around 55mm).

Kode Universal Car Air Filter Induction Kit-Red

  • Features:
    Universal Twin Cone Design
    Fits 99% of cars
    Increases air flow using the funnel effect
    Can improve engine efficiency and fuel consumption
    May even add a few extra BHP
    Improves the induction sound
    Improves the look of your engine bay
    Approx. Dimansions:
    Diameter of cone at top: 12cm
    Diameter of cone at bottom: 15.5cm
    Height of cone: 13cm
    Height of filter (including fitting): 15.2cm

    All measurements are approximate and taken at the maximum points of the item.
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