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For KODE London Gear Knob ONLY 
The listing is for 3 piece of Un-threaded, Grub Screw on Type of Gear Knob Adaptor
Uninversal Grub Screw Gear Knob
*Made from Plastic
*Can be used for most of Gear Knob
*Comes with different Sizes Fitment for different Application.
Install Instruction:

1. Remove the original car gear shift knob.
2.There is no thread inside the adaptor, choose the suitable size of adapter for the shift knob,use the Alan Key to screw the Grub Screw on the outside of plastic ,to fit the plastic adaptor in place.
3.Put The gear head into the shift knob.
4.The gear head directly set into the shift knob rod.

Kode-Gear Knob Adaptor 3pcs Set Grub Screw Fitment Gear Knob

  • Packaging Included:

    3 x Plastic Grub Adaptor

    *Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the 

     item. Thanks for your understanding

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