Dodo Juice award-winning Leather Sealant is the perfect protection for leather and vinyl, inhibiting dye transfer from jeans as well as making it waterproof. 

Dodo Juice Supernatural Fabric Sealant 500ml

  • But what do you use on fabric surfaces? Or use to seal a fabric/canvas convertible roof?

    Here’s your answer. Supernatural Fabric Sealant. It’s a high-tech layerable sealant made to be as water-resistant as possible.
    For quick and easy application, spray it on to the surface.

    For full protection, empty a little into a small container and brush or roller it on to the material. Once dry, apply additional layers. Three or four cured layers provide the ultimate protection – the fabric needs to have been completely saturated to become totally water-repellent.

    Prep-wise, we recommend the use of a good All Purpose Cleaner (Total Wipe Out) to clean upholstery before sealant application. For fabric hoods, use a dedicated fabric hood cleaner or clean them as thoroughly as possible using regular detailing products (e.g. a low foam shampoo like Low on Eau and a soft bristled brush).

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