Future Armour 500ml


Dodo Juice Future Armour Wet/Dry Spray Sealant

  • Future Armour is a spray sealant with the advantage of using it on wet or dry paint. As the name suggests, this nano-derived technology has one foot in the future. That's right, we were visited by Mr Skittles the seventh and he unlocked all the secrets of the (future) universe. He said that Red Mist and Supernatural Acrylic Spritz will always have fans, but the formula we create (or should that be created) years into the future, should be with us now. He said that Future Armour is very special and gives detailers a third option for less money (with potentially even more performance). So who are we to say no, to an extinct bird that visits us from the future....

    The word versatile doesn't do it justice.... It can be used on all trim, side glass and metal components as well as paintwork wet or dry. It's very durable with great beading and sheeting, although we recommend it is levelled/buffed thoroughly with a soft cloth at application because it is so strong in formulation terms.

    As a pro detailer who trialled the product said: ‘Now you can protect an entire car for under 99p as I only used about 20ml of the bottle.’ So there you have it, R.Kelly may have said "Your bodys callin'" but we say "your basket's calling" for you to add Future Armour to it. Seriously, if you listen closely you can hear it. The basket sounds like a borrower had a love child with a smurf. Still can't hear it? Maybe check your ears.

    Postage is for UK mainland only, for non-mainland area , pls email for postage, thank you.